EJBO - Electronic Journal of Business Ethics and 
Organization Studies

Vol. 12, No. 2
ISSN 1239-2685
Publisher: Business and Organization Ethics Network (BON)
Publishing date: 2007-11-12

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Woodbine, Gordon, PhD. FCPA

Curtin University in Western Australia
c/o School of Accounting
Post Office Box U1987
Perth 6845
Telephone: 61 8 9266 7904
Fax: 61 8 9266 7196

I am a Senior Lecturer in the School of Accounting at Curtin University of Technology in Perth, Australia where I teach undergraduate and post graduate units in auditing and information systems. Returned from four years employment at the Shenzhen University, People's Republic of China where I was employed as an Associate Professor teaching English courses in business ethics, financial accounting and auditing.

I completed my doctoral thesis in 2002, using research data acquired in China. My past research work has appeared in conference proceedings and several journals, including Asian Review of Accounting, Manual de Contabilidad y Auditoria and Journal of Consumer Behaviour.