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Organization Studies

ISSN 1239-2685
Publisher: Business and Organization Ethics Network (BON)

ARCHIVES (2004-)
ARCHIVES (1996-2004)

Vol. 17, No. 2 (2012)

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Manuscript Submission and Information for Authors

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[Pages 4-15] Oskari Juurikkala

Likeness to the Divinity? Virtues and Charismatic Leadership

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[Pages 16-26] Jan Svanberg

Professional Accountants' Ethical Intent - The Impact Of Job Role Beliefs And Professional Identity

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[Pages 27-34] Steffen Roth

The Moral of Functional Differentiation - A New Horizon for Descriptive Innovation Ethics

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[Pages 35-44] Wim Vandekerckhove & Suzan Langenberg

Can we organize courage? Implications of Foucault's parrhesia

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