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ARCHIVES (2004-)
ARCHIVES (1996-2004)

Vol. 12, No. 2 (2007)

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Manuscript Submission and Information for Authors

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[Pages 4-11] Cecilia Mark-Herbert & Carolina von Schantz

Communicating Corporate Social Responsibility – Brand management

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[Pages 12-17] Arnaldo Oliveira

Decision-Making Theories and Models: A Discussion of Rational and Psychological Decision-Making Theories and Models: The Search for a Cultural-Ethical Decision-Making Model

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[Pages 18-23] Edwin C. Moore Jr

Causes of Demand for International Bribery

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[Pages 24-31] Patrik Zapata Johansson

Legitimacy Lost and Back to Normality: Scandals in the Public Sector – the Swedish Case

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[Pages 32-39] Dennis Masaka

Whistleblowing in the Context of Zimbabwe’s Economic Crisis

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[Pages 40-48] Babu P. George & Vinitha Varghese

Human Rights in Tourism: Conceptualization and Stakeholder Perspectives

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[Pages 49-56] Juha Kansikas

Disguised Employment – The Nature of Forced Entrepreneurship

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